Carbon Monitoring Procedures

Carbon Monitoring Procedures
Carbon monitoring is becoming essential for construction sites, with respect to achieving particular targets under the Considerate Constructors Scheme and other environmental standards such as BREEAM.
Waste Plan Solutions (WPS) has developed an extremely efficient Carbon Monitoring methodology for construction sites, which has a history of acceptance from many parties.  It includes recording and measuring all forms of energy use on site, including electricity and water, in addition to travel to and from site incurred by staff, visitors, delivery vehicles and waste removal.  Results are represented graphically, as well as in a separate report.  Resulting calculations can be used by the developer / Principal Contractor for carbon offsetting.

Why Do You Need To Put Carbon Monitoring Procedures In Place?

Carbon monitoring is required for compliance with BREEAM Certificate BREEAM Man 03 Construction site impacts standard. This covers the monitoring, recording and reporting of energy, water and transport consumption data. Carbon monitoring is also required under the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

Other plans which are required for BREEAM Certification, BREEAM Man 03 and/or the considerate constructors scheme include water management plans, energy management plans, responsible sourcing of site timber, environmental management systems, green travel plans and Traffic Management Plans. We also offer considerate constructors scheme packages.

WPS can provide a wide of range of support, from simply offering advice, to measuring carbon during the entire construction project.

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