Local Procurement Strategies

Local Procurement Strategies

A procurement strategy can be part of a planning constraint.  In London specifically it is part of the 106 agreement and WPS ensures that these strategies are written in compliance with the City of London Code of Practice.

Why Do You Need To Put Local Procurement Strategies In Place?

Local procurement strategies are required for compliance with BREEAM Mat 03 Responsible sourcing of materials standard. Planning your local procurement strategies will also help you to meet legally-binding planning obligations under the Section 106 agreement. By agreeing to these planning obligations you need to plan how you will offset negative impacts on the local environment caused by your development project.

Noise, dust and vibration plans are also part of complying with your section 106 agreement.

WPS offers a flexible service whereby we can provide simply consultancy/support through to preparing the complete document, managing implementation on site, ongoing monitoring/reporting and liaising with Planning Control.

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