Pre refurbishment audits

Pre-refurbishment Audits

The assessment and analysis of waste produced from the demolition element of a building refurbishment (requirement of BREEAM assessment).  We are on the preferred supplier list for ISG for this service.  

These audits identify opportunities for reclaimation, reuse and recycling from a refurbishment process.  The end report will provide you with graphical display on waste arisings that can be expected from the process along with a list of recommendations that can be followed to reduce your waste diposal costs.

Pre-refurbishment audits are prepared to the ICE Demolition Protocol standard and can be requested for planning requirements.  They are a main requirement of the BREEAM 2014 Refurbishment standard.  They are designed to highlight the potential for maximum material recovery through refurbishment and provide a bill of quantities of tonnages that will arise. A report will be produced detailing materials airisngs as well as a list of suggested actions to be undertaken so that maximum material recovery is achieved.

For example the report includes information on the following:  

  • The potential for maximum material recovery through refurbishment
  • A Refurbishment Bill of Quantities, which identifies tonnages and potential applications of materials arising from refurbishment.
  • A set of recommendations to material segregation, considering the potential impact of contamination and cost benefits for recovery and reclamation.  

A report is submitted detailing the above information providing clear graphical display on materials arisings as well as a list of suggested actions to be undertaken to ensure maximum material recovery is achieved.

Why Do You Need A Pre-refurbishment Audit?

Pre-refurbishment audits are a requirement for meeting BREEAM Wst01 Construction waste management standard. Find out more about this BREEAM standard.

To comply with BREEAM Wst01 you may also need a pre-demolition audit and a site waste management plan SWMP.

To arrange your pre-refurbishment audit

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