Traffic Management Plans

There are many things to consider when thinking about construction site traffic and how vehicles and routes will be managed. At Waste Plan Solutions we can help you to set out a construction traffic management plan and ensure your staff, vehicles and the general public are kept safe at all times when on and around your site.

Traffic Management Plans

The main aims of a Traffic Management Plan are to:

  • Ensure extra traffic generated by a construction site will arrive and leave site safely
  • Ensure that the proposed traffic routes are adequate for the vehicles required
  • Ensure that the safety of other road users in the vicinity will be maintained
  • Ensure that neighbouring roads will not be hindered by illegal / unreasonable extra parking
  • Propose on site safety procedures for traffic movements and parking

Why Do You Need A Traffic Management Plan?

Traffic management plans are required for compliance with BREEAM Tra 05 Travel plan standard. They are also required for compliance with BREEAM Man 03 Construction site impacts standard. This covers the monitoring, recording and reporting of energy, water and transport consumption data.

Other plans which are required for BREEAM Man 03 include water management plans, energy management plans, carbon monitoring procedures, responsible sourcing of site timber, environmental management systems, and green travel plans. The latter are also required for BREEAM Tra 05.

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